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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ryno Insurance Services is a specialist division of East West Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, and is acting under a binding authority given to us by our Insurer, certain Underwriters at Lloyds. They provide us the authority to:

  • Issue insurance cover in accordance with our Binder Agreement;
  • Alter and cancel insurance cover;
  • Handle and settle claims;
  • Provide personal and general advice on our product.

Those authorities allow us to provide urgent cover, flexibility in pricing and great policy benefits. In some cases, we are also authorised to settle claims. We will tell you more when we quote and you can learn more from our website.

Your classic, sport or prestige motor car or motorcycle is covered for an agreed value inclusive of any fitted accessories or modifications. We agree on a value in consultation with you.

Yes, you can pay your premium to us by direct debit from your nominated bank account or credit card account, at no extra cost.

Yes, we give you a discount when we arrange cover for more than 1 of your vehicles.

In some cases, yes, regardless of the vehicle’s origin.

In almost all cases there is an excess shown on your policy. Whether you have to contribute this excess towards your claim, depends on various factors, such as if you were ‘at fault’ in the incident (see definition of ‘at fault’ in the PDS).

If you have an accident where you can demonstrate that you did not cause the incident, such as you were hit by a third party who ran a red light and can identify them (by providing the minimum details set out in the policy wording), there is no blame to you and a claim will not affect your no claim bonus (NCB) and you will not pay an excess.

A NCB or discount is a rating number or percentage discount, demonstrated by continuing years of insurance history. For example, If you have five (5) years history without at fault claims, you would be entitled to a Rating 1.

Yes, when we receive proof of your Protected Rating, we will honour it on transfer to us.

No, protection cannot be purchased, it must be earnt. For example, some insurers request a surcharge to protect a Rating against the first ‘at fault’ claim. On a Protected Rating with us, your NCB is unaffected by any claims, not just the first. We also do not charge for this policy feature.

Each policy is tailored to our clients’ needs. We usually base the premium payable on the age of the youngest person who will drive or ride your vehicle. However, we understand that on occasion, someone under 25 may need to use your vehicle.

When this happens, and you have not declared that person as a driver/rider, we will impose an additional undeclared driver excess of $1,500 to any claim where that driver is “at fault”.

There may be times when we cannot insure your vehicle whilst it is driven/ridden by someone under 25 years of age. If this is the case we will tell you when we quote.

We do not cover drivers/riders under 20 years of age.

We love modified vehicles, but we need to know about the modifications before we cover them. So remember:-

  • Tell us about them;
  • They must be legal in your state or territory; and
  • If we agree to cover them, you agree to pay any additional premium or excess applicable.

How easy is that?

When we quote on certain high risk vehicles, we may require you to fit an Australian Standards approved immobiliser before we allow cover to start. We will tell you at quote time if this is the case.

Go to Make a Claim for contact details and information.

The repairer of your vehicle is ultimately your choice. Generally, a motor enthusiast will know a repairer who will respect and fix the vehicle in the way the enthusiast expects. If you don’t, we can help you with a preferred repairer.


We guarantee any work authorised by us for the life of the vehicle. If you’re not completely satisfied with any repairs carried out as the result of the authorised work, we will rectify them.

A Ryno Insurance policy offers:

  • Agreed value;
  • New replacement vehicle in the first 3 years*;
  • Choice of repairer;
  • Lifetime guarantee for repairs;
  • Unlimited windscreen/sunroof/glass benefit each year;
  • Hire car following accident or theft for your regular use vehicle;
  • Pay premium by instalments;
  • Salvage rights retained on vehicles over 25 years.

* If you are the first registered owner and you have been insured with Ryno since the new purchase of your vehicle.

Our policies are not “stock standard”. We offer generous premium discounts when you won’t be using your vehicle on a daily, regular or commuting basis. We will tailor make a policy for what you need and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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