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American Import Insurance


When we mention models such as Ford Mustang, Pontiac, or even the iconic pink Cadillac, Buick, GMC, and Chrysler, this allows us to live a little bit more of the American dream. Whether it’s a muscle car or a custom hot rod, we appreciate the smooth lines, the classic styling and the undeniable appeal of these gorgeous motors. It’s a certain type of appeal that strikes deep into the hearts of the ones who love them, just as much as we do.

The rumble of an engine that’s heard before the car is even around the corner, the rich heady smell of fuel and oil, and the way it’s being driven. It’s not the comfort and luxury of a European car, sure, but if you wanted a car that drove like silk, you’d probably opt for something a little more delicate.

At Ryno Insurance, we are proud to be able to arrange tailored and prestigious American import insurance for a range of classic American cars to our valued customers at a competitive price. For a list of the American imports that we insure, please take a look at the list here.

The Timeless Appeal Of American Imports

Your American imports tell a story; they have a nostalgia for a simpler time. A time where soda fountains and white picket fences were the norm, iPhones didn’t exist, man had just conquered the moon and cars were simpler. Today, the BMW 2012 F10 M5 has more computing power than the lunar module that flew Neil Armstrong and co. into space.

When our American imports were first being manufactured in their day, they were engineering masterpieces with a staggering amount of horsepower and torque. While the pushrod V8 might seem antiquated now, the amount of power these vehicles had at the time was nothing short of amazing.

At Ryno Insurance, we know the thrill of owning an American import and we aim to arrange the specialist insurance that will cover your beauty, whether it’s a muscle car, a straight American import or a pickup.

American Import Car Insurance For The Cars We Love

The American import classic car insurance that Ryno can arrange comes with flexible options that can be tailored to suit your needs. For example, you can choose to have a new replacement vehicle if your imported new American car is written off in the first three years in Australia. If your vehicle is damaged, you will be able to select your own repairer and the repairs will come with a lifetime guarantee.

The specialised American import car insurance that we can arrange includes the following benefits:

*If you have been insured through Ryno since the new purchase of your vehicle.

An imported American car insurance policy arranged by Ryno is flexible enough to fit your needs and might even save you money. The insurance that we can arrange allows you to pick and choose the comprehensive classic car insurance you want to meet your needs. Meaning that, you’re only ever going to pay for what you need. If you prefer, we can also offer the option of paying for your prestige car insurance in instalments without extra cost.

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