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It’s classic, iconic, and antique. Your classic car is more than just a car. It takes a special kind of insurance to protect vehicles that are 25 years of age and older especially if more specialised cover is required. Whether it’s for investment or driving it out during the weekends, you want to keep it in a good working condition.

Your classic car comes with a story, a history, a life of its own. It’s not about being the safest, or the most efficient, or the fastest. It’s all about style and appeal, craftsmanship and passion – and the classic car will always appeal to classic car lovers like you, history buffs, and design enthusiasts alike.

At Ryno Insurance, we share your passion for your choice of classic vehicle. We understand that, you wouldn’t want just anyone to manage the repairs in the event of an accident. The classic car insurance policy Ryno can arrange offers you a repairer of choice and all work done is affixed with a lifetime guarantee for any repairs. We can arrange coverage for numerous makes and models, such as Ford, Holden, Chevrolet, and more. For a more comprehensive list, please visit: List of Vehicles We Insure.

The Timeless Appeal of the Classic Car

At Ryno, we love classic cars. Always have, always will. We know that for some people, there’s nothing like a brand-new car – but for us here at Ryno Insurance, it’s all about the classics, the vintage, the prestige and the USA imports.

When modern cars have all the comforts, it begs the question: Why do we still fiddle around with our classics? Well, we love them – but why?

Classic, Iconic, and Antique

You can’t go past the head-turning appeal of a classic car. Cars from the past were made with a different style than the cars of today. They were built to last. There was less emphasis on things like crash tests and ergonomics and more focus on the style or design of a vehicle.

A classic car captures the mood. It speaks of a different era. For many of us, our classic car hails from a time when we were younger, and is a powerful emotional reminder of a fondly remembered age.

For others, the classic car is all about the appeal of the aesthetic, the strength, and durability of the craftsmanship.

At Ryno Insurance, the classic car insurance that we are able to arrange can be tailored to suit your needs – and you can even opt to pay your classic car insurance policy by instalments without extra cost.

Classic Car Insurance For The Cars We Love

At Ryno, we share your passion for all things classic. We understand that your classic car means more than just a collection. It’s a way to express your profound personal interest and lifestyle. With this in mind, the policy Ryno can arrange offers you a range of benefits including:

The car insurance policy that Ryno is able to arrange can be tailored to suit your needs. It doesn’t only provide you with features and benefits that might help you save money, but it also offers you flexible car insurance options that ensures you only pay for what you need.

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