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When you own a prestige car, you would know that, it’s something you will protect over many other things, simply because of its value.

We know that you have a prestige car because you appreciate the details that have gone into the design and finish of your vehicle. You have chosen a prestige vehicle to complement your lifestyle and your love for the finer things and at Ryno we understand that. It follows then that the insurance provider you will choose needs to have the same level of attention to detail and the same care as you.

At Ryno Insurance, we are proud to arrange custom prestige auto insurance for cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar and others – which are under 25 years old. Take a look and see if we can cover your vehicle here.

Prestige & Exclusive

Prestige vehicles require the ultimate in care and attention and we are proud to be able to arrange prestige motor insurance that protects your vehicle.

The prestige car insurance that we can arrange at Ryno comes with a host of flexible options that are designed to suit your needs. The packages that we sell for insuring prestige vehicles come with a range of extras, including a new replacement vehicle if yours is written off in the first two years of ownership, and if you were the first registered owner in Australia.

Prestige Car Insurance For The Cars We Love

We are proud to offer a choice of repairer with a lifetime guarantee on the repairs that are done. We can arrange prestige car insurance for Australian prestige vehicle owners from leading manufacturers.

The specialised policy that Ryno can arrange automatically includes the following benefits:

*If you have been insured through Ryno since the new purchase of your vehicle.

The prestige car insurance that Ryno can arrange is tailored to suit the needs of your vehicle. Whether you are driving it every day, or you are using your prestige vehicle occasionally, we can help you with a comprehensive prestige car insurance policy to best suit you.

At Ryno Insurance, we can arrange a policy with features and benefits that could save you money with flexible payment options. Meaning that, you’re only ever going to pay for what you need. If required, we can also offer the option of paying for your prestige car insurance in instalments without extra cost.

Contact the team at Ryno Insurance to find out how we can further assist you to get the most appropriate cover for your prestige car or obtain an insurance quote online today

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